Hannity: The Schiff Impeachment Circus Is Hearsay and Arrogant Bureaucrats


Sean Hannity last night talked about the Adam Schiff Circus. The Impeachment Coup is over. Schiff and Pelosi have NOTHING but hearsay and bureaucrats with hurt feelings. It's OVER. As Imperial Japanese Army's Admiral Yamamoto's famous quote, "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." Democrats are FINISHED and just like Japan in WW2 will pay dearly at the polls!

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  • Scott Cole

    We The People have been fraudulently robbed from our tax dollars for corruption committed by Demacrats who want to condemn a President who is fighting corruption committed by the very same people who is trying to impeach him. It makes me sick that we finally got a President who is for the people by the People and has delivered all that he promised to do only to be bushwacked by the demacrats who only worry about their own pockets and power to contol the people through corruption breaking our constitution and our constitutional rights..we demand justice for these crimes committed against the president and the people of the United States..