Nancy Pelosi Creating Panic Over CoronaVirus Epidemic


Last night during his Corona Virus address President Trump urged democrats to set aside politics and work together to help prepare America for the corona virus epidemic. But instead Nancy Pelosi is trying to create panic and drive the stock market down. This woman should be tossed out of the house immediately.

Corona Virus, Nancy Pelosi
  • Donna Harris

    Fire her now

  • John

    Nancy needs to cure the epidemic in her city, get rid of open drug use and defication on her streets and stop the virus of illegal border crossings where that crisis is just as big a threat....

    Shut up Nancy!! You need Visiting Angels... stay at home and just shut up!

  • Personal

    Fake news

  • Richard W

    All I can say, is would you want her as your president. 3rd in line. That's scary.

  • linda

    she should be concerned about her filthy district a perfect breeding ground for this kind of problem to get a real hold.

  • Louis Schmidt

    I dont believe a word that comes out of her mouth. She's a liar and a disgrace to we the American people.