WATCH: Freed hostages talk with Trump during the Republican National Convention

President Donald Trump hosted a roundtable during the first night of the Republican National Convention with hostages who have been freed from being detained in other countries during his administration. They included Michael White, a veteran from the U.S. Navy who was detained two years ago while he was visiting his girlfriend in Iran; Sam Goodwin, who was detained in 2019 after crossing into Syria from Iraq without a visa; Pastor Andrew Brunson, who was accused of being part of a terrorist group and held in Turkey while doing work there; Joshua and Tamara Holt, who were arrested and held in Venezuela, and Pastor Bryan Nerran, who was arrested in India in 2019 for not declaring $40,000 and was released this year. The GOP planned a mix of virtual and in-person events in North Carolina and Washington, D.C., for its nominating convention after the coronavirus pandemic interrupted plans for a traditional nominating event.

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RNC / GOP Convention 2020
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