YouTube Deletes Donald Trump Campaign Ads And Keeps The Money!


CBS News proudly boasts about YouTube taking down over 300 Trump campaign ads for policy violations and kept the money. YouTube is owned by Google who hates President Trump with a passion. Google is Americas worst threat to our democracy and freedom. More details are here.

CBS News, YouTube Trump Ads Removed, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, Trump2020
  • JR Redmam

    Sorry m/fers! Law suit, big time! Given that this is true, of course!!!

  • Ricky Dickson

    Boycotting Google and YouTube now! Piss off Traitors!

  • Steve

    What a disgrace your be has become.


    you tube are stealing the money if they don't show the ads!

  • Kathy

    Well we don't need YouTube because we already know who we MUST vote for, that's a given


    Boycott Google